Much more than a
food truck

Gourmeli's Taste brings style, flavor and family to any event we roll up to!


Driven to provide fresh, gourmet meals to flavor-up any event.

Gourmeli's Taste is much more than a curb side food joint. Owner and chef Mel Teliska brings years of gourmet experience and a passion for creating hand-crafted meals. The Gourmeli's Taste food truck adds a pop of style and flavor to any event with a clean and fun vibe. And don't forget to grab a bag or two of Gourmeli's incredible home-made cookies that will surely delight the whole gang!


I am speechless, to say the least! I was probably your last customer at Lasalle tonight. Mac and cheese, brownies, and cookies are the best we have ever had! We are in heaven lol

April Hanna

Best cookies ever!! Love your grilled cheese varieties too!

Mary Breig

When I see the Gourmeli’s food truck, I know it’s going to be a great day. I’ll always order soup and pinch breads (cannot go wrong!), or chicken salad (because it’s not too much Mayo and it has nice surprises of grapes and walnuts), as well as cookies for now and to-go (these babies are a no-brainer)!


Behind the taste and the wheel

Meet Melanie Teliska. a trained chef and business owner, a wife and mother of two, a foodie food blogger and recipe writer. She's the heart of the flavor and Mel and her team would love to cook for you!


Homemade cookies you'll fall in love with

Family recipes passed down through generations are behind the baking of these incredible, show-stopping cookies that make for a delightful treat or to cap-off an amazing event. Mel's cookies are made from fresh ingredients and a dusting of love and are available for purchase by the bag or decorative box. Order some today!