I recently had a down day from the food truck, and the hustle bustle of 2 teen schedules, so I decided to try to book a last minute massage somewhere. I was fortunate enough to have several gift certificates to choose from that were graciously given to me for the big 50th birthday back in February! Yup, have not even used any of them yet. Hence, the blog on SELF-CARE!

As I called around to many of the places, they were booked for the day. Understandably so. They politely asked if I would like to book another day to come in. Sadly, I could not even think of another day that I would be freed up to sit, relax and enjoy a massage. I told them I would call back at another time. The last place I called said that they were booked for the day, but they could put me on a cancellation call list for the day. I excitedly said yes!! Hoping they would call, but thinking why would someone cancel? LOL! A couple hours went by and my phone rang - it was a local number. I picked it up and the very kind receptionist said they had just had someone cancel. It was 3:30pm. She said can you come in at 4:00pm. My mind raced to figure out my son's football practice schedule and excitedly proclaimed YES!!

I jumped up and told the kids I was going to get a massage. They were very happy for me. My son said: Mom, don't worry if I am a little late for practice, enjoy yourself. I felt like I could go with a light heart. As I drove there, I tried to calm my brain down, stop the racing thoughts and relax. I thanked the receptionist profusely and praised her on her great customer service when I arrived. I often think great customer service comes natural to people and they don't even realize what an impact politeness and kindness have on others. I was grateful.

The massage was relaxing and calming. Much needed. Life is hectic. I am tired. Not the tired you have when it is time to go to sleep. The tired that comes from being overwhelmed. It is all day every day. As I have entered in to the first year of the 50 club, I am realizing that the rushing around, the micromanaging, multi-tasking, sheer exhaustion needs to subside. Taking care of my physical, mental and emotional health needs to take precedence. The hour for a massage, the half hour to read a magazine, the 20 minutes to sit and have a cup of coffee, a pedicure, a nature walk, prepare a heart healthy meal, a half hour yoga class, a solo trip to Target for no reason at all, a couple chapters in a good book, a tasty piece of chocolate, a large ice-cream with sprinkles on a Tuesday afternoon at 3:00pm, a 1/2 hour nap, an hour jog, meditation. You name it - you deserve it! We all deserve it! DO it!

I called this morning and scheduled another massage in a couple weeks. Taking care of myself ensures I can take care of my people. It's a win win for everyone!